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Family Research Council on .xxx: Why Bush admin acted

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FRC Urges Supporters to Oppose .XXX Domain
June 17, 2005 - Friday
CONTACT: Amber Hildebrand, (202) 393-2100

Washington, D.C. -- Family Research Council has launched an effort to
mobilize its supporters against the proposal to establish a .XXX
domain for porn Webs sites. Tony Perkins, President of Family Research
Council released the following statement on www.frc.org earlier today:

"Pornographers will be given even more opportunities to flood our
homes, libraries and society with pornography through the .XXX
domain. The Internet Corporation for Assigning Names and Numbers
(ICANN), the Internet's nonprofit body with authority for development,
has indicated that it will establish an .XXX domain for porn Web
sites. To some this may initially seem like a good idea but it is one
that has been considered and rejected as ineffectual for years. This
will NOT require pornographers who are on the .com domain to relocate
to the .XXX domain.

"Some naively suggest that passing a new law to force pornographers to
move to .XXX will solve the problem but that will not work either. Law
means nothing to hardcore pornographers. There already is a law
prohibiting them from selling hardcore porn on the Internet-anywhere
on the Internet- yet they have been doing if for years.

"Attorney General Gonzales is launching a major effort to prosecute
the porn industry. He intends to smash these criminal enterprises on
the Internet and elsewhere with a new obscenity strike force. This is
the only way to handle hardcore pornographers.

"The .XXX domain will increase not decrease porn on the Internet."

Perkins ends his message with a call to action for Family Research
Council supporters to get in touch with the Commerce Department and
ICANN to voice their opposition to the .XXX domain.


Posted by Declan McCullagh on Aug 16, 2005 in category free-speech

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