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Patriot Act update: Bush administration backs privacy-invasive "deal"

Background on "deal" over committee report being reached:

A frenzy of last-minute negotiations over the Patriot Act, conducted 
behind closed doors as a Dec. 31 expiration date nears, has yielded a 
four-year renewal of the law and no substantial reforms.

But there is opposition from Sen. Leahy and the "gang of six":

WASHINGTON--A plan backed by the Bush administration to renew the 
Patriot Act with minimal changes has run into stiff opposition and 
filibuster threats in the U.S. Senate.

Previous Politech message on the gang of six:

Summary of the committee report backed by the Bush administration and 

More news coverage:


Posted by Declan McCullagh on Dec 08, 2005 in category privacy

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