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Which mortgage lenders are spammers? A lawsuit offers hints

A California Internet service provider, fed up with getting deluged by 
mortgage spam, decided to fight back.

ASIS Internet Service sued in federal district court, and has offered 
evidence to suggest that a bunch of mortgage lenders (including some 
names you probably recognize) knew exactly what they were doing when 
getting into bed with spammers:

Excerpt from one of the spamograms:

According to court documents, an attorney for Quicken Loans fingered New 
York City-based Azoogle (also at Azoogleleads.com):
> Amy Bishop, counsel for Quicken, declares under oath, I told Mr. [Jason] Singleton [counsel for Plaintiff,] words to the effect that "it is understood that the release of this information to you is conditioned upon you releasing Quicken Loans." Mr. Singleton agreed to release Quicken Loans in exchange for the information. Mr. Singleton did not tell me that he had filed a lawsuit against Quicken Loans two days earlier, but instead asked me to cooperate by providing the information I had. Relying on the release, I then explained to Mr. Singleton that Quicken Loans received the lead from its affiliate, Azoogle.

Here's some more:


Posted by Declan McCullagh on Jul 14, 2006 in category spam

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