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United Nations summit convenes in Athens: lots of talk, not much else

So I'm at this U.N. "Internet Governance Forum" outside of Athens, where 
there's plenty of talk (and overheated proposals) but not much else.

Kieren McCarthy has some coverage here:

And a BBC blog is here:

Some of my articles follow.


ATHENS, Greece--A top United Nations official on Monday called for 
changes in the way the Internet is operated, taking aim at "self-serving 
justifications" for permitting the United States to preserve its unique 
influence and authority online.

ATHENS, Greece--Delegates to a United Nations summit on Tuesday assailed 
Google, Cisco Systems, Microsoft and Yahoo for cooperating too closely 
with China, suggesting that new global regulations of free expression 
might be necessary.

On Wednesday, delegates to a United Nations summit here complained that 
the ASCII-only choice was representative of an Internet culture that is 
far too English-centric and that fails to respect other languages.

ATHENS, Greece--While many countries block off some Web sites, China has 
long drawn heightened scrutiny because of the breadth and sophistication 
of its Internet censorship.
Which is why it came as a surprise on Tuesday when a Chinese government 
official claimed at a United Nations summit here that no Net censorship 
existed at all.

You'd think that of all places that should have speedy and reliable 
Internet access, a United Nations summit on the Internet would be high 
on the list.

Posted by Declan McCullagh on Nov 02, 2006 in category free-speech

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