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Sen. McCain proposes surveillance of illegal images (including cartoons)

Sens. McCain and Schumer have introduced the Securing Adolescents From 
Exploitation-Online Act of 2007, which I've summarized here:

A draft is here (the final version isn't on Thomas yet):

Here's an excerpt from the press release:

"With all of the horrifying instances of children being exploited by 
online predators, its stomach-churning that no law is on the books to 
require Internet Service Providers to report instances of child 
pornography on their services," Schumer said. "In a nutshell, this 
legislation provides a common-sense tool to the growing problem of 
Internet child pornography. While we can’t see everything that happens 
on the Internet, we can work hard to build the next best thing – a 
system to report the illegal activity that is discovered. Many of us 
have worked for years to protect children – this bill takes our efforts 
to the 21st Century."

An earlier version of the bill from December:

And, in somewhat related news, House committee chairmen announced four 
privacy-related bills today:

I've placed them here:

And here's another anti-pretexting bill from Reps. Inslee and Blackburn:

Two more data breach bills, from Sens. Leahy and Specter, and Rep. Lamar 

The Smith bill is here:


Posted by Declan McCullagh on Feb 09, 2007 in category free-speech

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