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Real ID rebellion accelerates; ACLU's scorecard rates regulations

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Subject: Real ID rebellion accelerates; scorecard rates regs
Date: Thu, 8 Mar 2007 15:14:46 -0500
From: Stanley, Jay <JStanley@dcaclu.org>
To: Declan McCullagh <declan@well.com>

Hi Declan,

Wanted to let you know that a couple of things are happening with Real 
ID.  First, Idaho became the second state to opt out today.  As you know 
Maine opted out in January; there are also a lot of states that have 
passed anti-Real ID bills through one chamber, or through committee.

This matters because the whole point of Real ID is to have a uniform 
national identity document, and as the states start rejecting it, the 
whole concept collapses.

Also we issued a Real ID "Scorecard" this morning summarizing our 
analysis of the new regulations Homeland Security put out last week.  We 
listed every issue with Real ID that has been pointed out and 
systematically looked at how many of those issues have been addressed by 
the new regs.  The answer: 9%.

When the regs were released, DHS made a lot of fuss over the extension 
they promised to give the states to comply.  But clearly that isn't 
slowing down the rebellion in the states.

We have a map showing the status of legislation across the nation, and 
the Real ID Scorecard, online at www.realnightmare.org

- Jay

Jay Stanley
Public Education Director, Technology and Liberty Project
202-715-0818 (office) 202-222-8398 (mobile)

Posted by Declan McCullagh on Mar 08, 2007 in category privacy

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