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FTC Internet advertising summit in Washington this week

So the FTC is holding a two-day workshop on Internet advertising in 
Washington this week:

This is important because these workshops often, but not always, precede 
formal regulations. I'm speaking on the 9am panel if you're interested; 
it is webcast.

What's happened in the last few days is a bunch of announcements 
including a call for a "Do Not Target" list to be set up by the FTC that 
companies would be "required" to abide by upon pain of federal sanction:

And some of the pro-regulatory/anti-advertising types are calling for a 
formal investigation of Google, Microsoft, AOL, and Yahoo's data 
collection practices, a new FTC task force to be created, and an inquiry 
into target marketing by Facebook and MySpace.com:

My own view (not exactly pro-regulatory) is here:


Posted by Declan McCullagh on Nov 02, 2007 in category privacy

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