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Who'd make the most technology-friendly president? Discuss.

The February 5 primaries are just a few days away, so it seems timely to 
send some links around.

First, I'm doing a live chat at News.com about technology, politics, and 
who would make the best president when viewed through that lens. It 
starts at 11am PT/2pm ET today, and here's the link:

Second, we've asked the presidential candidates questions about things 
like the DMCA, Net neutrality, retroactive liability for telcom 
companies, and Real ID. Their responses posted are here:

And here's a kind of offbeat story about a hardy band of Googlers 
(current and former employees) who braved the New Hampshire winter to 
gather there and stump for Ron Paul:

Finally, a link to a tongue-in-cheek survey we did of voters and their 
views on Net Neutrality:


Posted by Declan McCullagh on Jan 31, 2008 in category economics

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