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Mattel is trying to rid the world of a "cphack" program that lets customers view what its CyberPatrol blocking software says is off-limits. The toy giant has filed suit in Massachusetts federal district court, and won a temporary restraining order against cphack's authors. Now Mattel attorneys are bulk-emailing subpoenas even to people who linked to the cphack code. --By Declan McCullagh.

22 May 2000 update: I mention the Mattel case in an article about the freedom to link. You can find it on The New Republic's web site.

2 May 2000 update: Mattel's lawyers are still busy, sending out nastygrams to Australian ISPs. Writes one: "We haven't yet found a reason Australian citizens should pay attention to a Massachusetts court order. Until we do the mirror is still up." At http://zem.squidly.org/mirror/cp4break/cp4break.html, that is.

21 April 2000 update: ACLU's motions for a stay are now online.

6 April 2000 update: ACLU files appeal in Cyberpatrol case.

29 March 2000 update: Judge Harrington has ruled. He seems to be inviting Mattel to shut down mirror sites.

28 March 2000 update: Mattel's claim of victory may be premature. Turns out cphack was released under the GNU General Public License, and everyone can copy it in perpetuity.

27 March 2000 update: Mattel has acquired rights to cphack.exe and has threatened contempt of court charges for sites mirroring it. Judge Harrington will decide by Wednesday whether to turn the restraining order into an injunction.

24 March 2000 update: I've asked Mattel for more time to reply. The ACLU is representing three mirror sites and has filed court documents asking to quash the subpoena-spam.

Mirror of the cphack program and analysis, hosted by Steve Mann, professor of electrical and computer engineering at the University of Toronto:

politechbot.com archive on CyberPatrol:

What CyberPatrol doesn't want you to see -- what's banned:
http://www.politechbot.com/p-00995.html (11 March 2000)

William Geiger's near-comprehensive list of mirror sites:

Slashdot.org threads:
http://slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=00/03/16/0022227&mode=thread (16 March 2000)
http://slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=00/03/24/1656234&mode=thread (24 March 2000)

Peacefire.org archive on CyberPatrol:

CyberPatrol press release announcing victory in restraining order:
http://www.politechbot.com/p-01021.html (17 March 2000)

Subpoena-spam from Mattel attorney Irwin Schwartz and replies:
schwartz-email.txt      19-Mar-2000 01:57     3k  
reply-to-schwartz.txt   24-Mar-2000 14:50     1k
schwartz-031700.txt     25-Mar-2000 08:34     3k  
schwartz-032000.txt     25-Mar-2000 08:34     5k  

Mattel and ACLU press releases:
cp-pressrelease.txt     19-Mar-2000 01:57     4k  
aclu-pressrelease.txt   24-Mar-2000 14:50     1k

ACLU legal documents:
opposition.doc          24-Mar-2000 14:50    61k  
opposition.html         24-Mar-2000 14:50    32k  
opposition.txt          24-Mar-2000 14:50    34k  
quash.doc               24-Mar-2000 14:50    33k  
quash.html              24-Mar-2000 14:50    10k  
quash.txt               24-Mar-2000 14:50     8k  

Mattel legal documents:
cp-brief.doc            19-Mar-2000 01:09    18k  
cp-brief.txt            19-Mar-2000 01:09    15k  
cp-complaint.doc        19-Mar-2000 01:09    16k  
cp-complaint.txt        19-Mar-2000 01:09    13k  
cp-motion.doc           19-Mar-2000 01:09     6k  
cp-motion.txt           19-Mar-2000 01:09     4k  
cp-order.doc            19-Mar-2000 01:09     4k  
cp-order.txt            19-Mar-2000 01:09     2k  
cp-subpoena.doc         19-Mar-2000 01:09     4k  
cp-subpoena.txt         19-Mar-2000 01:09     1k  

Unicode/TIFF files sent out by Mattel attorney:
~att1210.uni            19-Mar-2000 01:09    66k  
~att1211.uni            19-Mar-2000 01:09    28k  
~att1212.uni            19-Mar-2000 01:09   239k  
~att1213.uni            19-Mar-2000 01:09   280k  
~att1214.uni            19-Mar-2000 01:09    71k  
~att1215.uni            19-Mar-2000 01:09   177k  
~att1236.uni            19-Mar-2000 01:09    81k  
~att1237.uni            19-Mar-2000 01:09    77k  

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