[1/16/2003 update. Slashdot gave the incorrect link to the RIAA statement. It's here: http://www.politechbot.com/docs/cbdtpa/riaa.cbdtpa.release.032102.html.]

President and Chief Executive Officer, MPAA

On S. 2048
MPAA supports the Hollings bill - a measure that will serve the
long-term interests of consumers by calling upon the Information
Technology, Consumer Electronics and Copyright industries to negotiate
in good faith to find solutions to digital piracy. 
We also embrace the calls by Senators Leahy and Hatch for regular
reports to the Congress on the progress of the private sector
negotiations.  That kind of oversight will be beneficial and will assist
all parties in understanding where government action may be warranted.  
During the legislative process we hope to put forward proposals that
reflect the progress and success of the private sector discussions and,
if government assistance is needed, narrow the scope of any legislation
or regulation to enforce the various (or individual) solutions.  We
firmly believe that the goal of a digital environment that is respectful
of copyrighted creative works is well within the reach of the parties
and look forward to collaborating with the Information Technology and
Consumer Electronics industries to reach a speedy resolution to these
piracy problems. 
Recent statements to Congress by IT, CE and Copyright industry leaders
are a good foundation for further progress among the interested parties.

We believe these activities should focus on three key matters concerning
digital piracy:  (1) establishing a "broadcast flag" to prevent
unauthorized Internet redistribution of digital broadcast programming,
the use of which will not affect consumers' "time shifting" of
programming, (2) plugging the "analog hole" that exposes digital
programming to potential widespread theft, and (3) limiting the rising
tide of unauthorized peer-to-peer file distribution of copyrighted

There is no single approach to solving the digital content protection
problems that threaten America's creators as well as the consumers
around the globe who enjoy the fruits of their ingenuity, labors and
investments. Therefore, we plan to pursue every viable avenue and
opportunity to securely deliver our content to consumers.

March 21, 2002