For Immediate Release:                             Contact:  Amy Weiss
March 21, 2002
Jonathan Lamy

                         Comment of Hilary Rosen,
                            President and CEO,
             Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA),
                On Introduction Of "Consumer Broadband Act"
                              March 21, 2002

"The introduction of the 'Consumer Broadband Act' sends an unmistakable
signal about the importance of protecting digital music and other
content from piracy.  Without stringent protections, online piracy will
continue to proliferate and spin further out of control.

"We appreciate that Senators Hollings, Stevens, Inouye, Breaux, Nelson
and Feinstein have sent a wake-up call to the information technology and
consumer electronics industries that the time has come to achieve a
voluntary marketplace solution to the growing threat of online piracy.
We have been, and continue to be, eager to work out a voluntary
solution, for that is in the best interests of everyone involved,
especially the American consumer.  We look forward to working with the
Senate and House Commerce and Judiciary Committees on combating the
digital piracy that threatens the development of the legitimate
marketplace for music."