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Canada TV; Tapping cell phones "easy" in Lebanon


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[from db]

>The Daily Star (Lebanon)
>Tapping cellular phones 'is easy'
>Zeina Abu Rizk
>Daily Star staff
>A confidential report submitted to the government by 
>telecommunications experts suggests that tapping cellular telephones 
>is both easy and affordable.
>Western-Bekaa MP Sami Khatib, who with state prosecutor Adnan Addoum 
>comprises a committee charged with investigating tapping, warned last 
>month that even when completely switched off, a cellular phone could 
>still serve as a microphone.
>He said technical experts had been allowed into cellular switchboards 
>to discover if lines were being monitored. Addoum declined to comment.
>According to the confidential report, a copy of which has been 
>obtained by The Daily Star, cellular manufacturers provide tools for 
>tapping with each system they sell.
>It added that the Swedish Ericsson company had been producing 
>electronic equipment and computer programmes which facilitate tapping 
>cellular lines, without affecting the quality of services, for more 
>than ten years. Detection was said to be  extremely hard.
>  After receiving a list of the lines to be tapped, the switchboard 
>initiates its part of the process and sends the data to a tapping 
>centre. Reports include the date, time and length of a communication, 
>as well as the numbers with which the tapped line connected.

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