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Ford sues 2600 Magazine over fuckgeneralmotors.com

See 2600's battle with Verizon over verizonreallysucks.com:



   Ford v. 2600
   posted by vergil on Tuesday April 24, @10:05AM

   2600 Enterprises, ever willing to test the legal boundaries of
   cyberspace, has earned yet another lawsuit - this time from the Ford
   Motor Corporation. A Nando Times article reveals that the Blue Oval
   has recently filed a trademark infringement suit against 2600
   concerning a domain name that contains the name of competitor General
   Motors, an obscenity and redirects to Ford's front page. "According to
   the suit, which seeks unspecified damages, an Internet user searching
   for a strident, vulgar criticism of GM might type in or stumble upon
   the questioned domain name, then be 'catapulted' to Ford's official
   Web site."

   This is the latest chapter of an ongoing feud between Detroit
   automakers and the Middle Island, New York based publisher of the
   hacker quarterly.
   On October 11, 2000, 2600 received a trademark infringement letter
   from a General Motors attorney over 2600's registration of
   "fuckgeneralmotors.com". A subsequent article appearing in 2600's news
   archive characterized GM's initial legal threat as "an issue of speech
   and we need to send a message that free speech is something we just
   cannot back down on." Interestingly, the 2600 writeup offered to put
   the offending domain name to good use by donating it to a website
   featuring legitimate criticism of General Motors. "If you have such a
   site or plan on setting one up ... we'll arrange to have
   fuckgeneralmotors.com point to it. The same holds true for any of the
   other corporations that we have 'critical' domains for." Guess nobody
   took them up on their offer.


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