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Battlebots.org owner bows to pressure, sells domain for $70

Battlebots.org has been updated to say:
>Scared that I may be involved in a lawsuit I agreed to delete the domain 
>name and hand it over. They are compensating me by giving me $70.00 for 
>the transfer of the domain. At this point I still have control over the 
>domain but I will be handing it over on the 4th.

Politech archive on Comedy Central vs. Battlebots.org dispute:

Maya is an attorney; she asked me to delete her email address and 
affilation. (See below.)



From: "Alexandri, Maya"
To: "'declan@well.com'" <declan@well.com>
Subject: RE: Humorless Comedy Central show demands battlebots.org domain
Date: Sat, 1 Sep 2001 08:46:41 -0400

Declan, I'm confused as to why Bruce Lyon would respond to the c & d by
offering to (1) have his son pay Battlebots (however small the license fee)
or (2) transfer the domain name in exchange for a ludicrously small amount
of money.  The c & d letter was completely baseless and "fuck you"
would have been more than they were entitled to in response.  Once
Battlebots accepted Lyon's offer to transfer the domain name in exchange for
a named price, however, a contract has arguably arisen, and Barrett's
options have been whittled down to (1) surrendering his domain name in
accordance with the bargain he struck, (2) opening himself to a breach of
contract action, and/or (3) recovering from his father for malpractice.
This is a sad and unfortunate situation.

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