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FBI pushes Carnivore on network providers after attacks


    Anti-Attack Feds Push Carnivore
    By Declan McCullagh (declan@wired.com)
    2:00 a.m. Sep. 12, 2001 PDT

    WASHINGTON -- Federal police are reportedly increasing Internet
    surveillance after Tuesday's deadly attacks on the World Trade Center
    and the Pentagon.

    Just hours after three airplanes smashed into the buildings in what
    some U.S. legislators have dubbed a second Pearl Harbor, FBI agents
    began to visit Web-based, e-mail firms and network providers,
    according to engineers at those companies who spoke on condition of

    An administrator at one major network service provider said that FBI
    agents showed up at his workplace on Tuesday "with a couple of
    Carnivores, requesting permission to place them in our core, along
    with offers to actually pay for circuits and costs."


    Microsoft's Hotmail service has also been the target of increased
    federal attention, according to an engineer who works there.

    "Hotmail officials have been receiving calls from the San Francisco
    FBI office since mid-(Tuesday) morning and are cooperating with their
    expedited requests for information about a few specific accounts," the
    person said. "Most of the account names start with the word 'Allah'
    and contain messages in Arabic."


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