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Clarification and exact wording of encryption poll question

[Unfortunately the Hotline, which I quoted from in the previous Politech 
message, did not include the full text of the question asked in the survey. 
I apologize to Evans and PSRA for any possible misunderstanding, and thank 
him for this clarification. --DBM]


From: "Evans Witt" <evans.witt@psra.com>
To: <declan@well.com>, <politech@politechbot.com>
Subject: RE: Majority of Americans want anti-encryption laws, poll says
Date: Tue, 18 Sep 2001 17:22:03 -0400


I've been a long-time politech lurker, enjoying and learning from the
discussions. Your post on the question on encryption brings me out of the
lurk. Just to set the record straight on the encryption question, here is
the full text of the question:

These days, people's phone and e-mail communication is often encrypted to
protect privacy and confidentiality.  Would you favor reducing encryption of
communications to make it easier for the FBI and CIA to monitor the
activities of suspected terrorists --EVEN IF it might infringe on people's
privacy and affect business practices?

	54	Yes, would favor
	39	No, would not
	7	Don't know

This question was part of survey that our company, Princeton Survey Research
Associates, conducted for Newsweek magazine in response to the attacks on
New York and Washington. Usually, Newsweek handles queries about their polls
directly, but I don't know if any Newsweek folks are on the politech list.


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