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Oracle's Larry Ellison lobbies hard for National ID card

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>October 19, 2001
>By John J. Miller and Ramesh Ponnuru
>ID cards pick up steam.
>Word that Oracle chairman and CEO Larry Ellison met with Attorney
>General John Ashcroft on Tuesday raises the prospect that the Bush
>administration is contemplating the adoption of a national ID card. "We
>are in the process of putting a proposal together and analyzing what it
>would take to get something running in a matter of a small number of
>months, like three months, 90 days," Ellison told the San Jose Mercury
>News. Three weeks ago, Ellison said his company, a leader in databases,
>would donate the software to the federal government.
>In late September, a low-level White House spokesman denied ID cards
>were on the table. Yet the idea appears to be gaining momentum: Recent
>endorsers include Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D., Calif.), retired General
>Norman Schwartzkopf, Harvard professor Alan Dershowitz, and Sun
>Microsystems CEO Scott McNealy. Ashcroft himself refused to comment this
>week on the Ellison's proposal or their meeting.


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