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The good guys win one: Unicom foiled in noisome trademark lawsuit

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Veteran unicom.com owner sued by firm with new Unicom trademark


Date: Tue, 05 Feb 2002 15:08:03 -0800
To: declan@well.com
From: "James S. Tyre" <jstyre@jstyre.com>
Subject: Re: FC: Veteran unicom.com owner sued by firm with new Unicom 
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I'm pleased to tell you that we have an early victory in Unicom v. Rosenthal.

There are plenty of things wrong with the Complaint, including the 
substance of Plaintiff's trademark claims.  But what was most wrong about 
it was that it was filed here in Los Angeles, when Plaintiff knew that Chip 
lives in Austin, and has no meaningful ties to California.

Yesterday, the Court entered its order dismissing the Complaint for lack of 
personal jurisdiction.  Chip has the Order up at 
http://save.unicom.com/docs/20020204-order.pdf.  Obviously, we don't know 
yet if Plaintiff will appeal, drop the matter, refile in Austin or follow 
some other path, but getting the case out of the wrong court is, at the 
least, a very positive step.


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