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"Runner's World" threatens suit over printer-friendly deep links

The "printer-friendly" deep link in question (verboten!):

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"Latest linking spat: Dallas Morning News sends silly nastygrams"

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   Another Run to a Deep-Link Suit
   By Declan McCullagh 

   10:00 a.m. May 14, 2002 PDT
   WASHINGTON -- Add a major magazine publisher to the ranks of websites
   peeved about "deep links" to their articles.
   Rodale Press, the publisher of Runner's World magazine and many other
   prominent health-oriented publications, sent a stiff note to a
   hobbyist website this week, demanding it delete a hyperlink to a
   "printer-friendly" version of a runnersworld.com article -- or face
   the consequences.
   Allen Tullar, an attorney representing the Emmaus, Pennsylvania-based
   publisher, gave the LetsRun.com site until the end of the day Tuesday
   to comply, saying otherwise, "My client will pursue its rights" under
   federal copyright law.
   Rodale's nastygram comes not long after the Dallas Morning News became
   irate over so-called deep links to newspaper articles. Deep links
   point to specific sub-pages on a website, allowing readers to bypass
   the site's home page, and, occasionally, avoid seeing some


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