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Forget the Nigerian spam scam: Now it's the Afghan-war-scam!


From: "Richard M. Smith" <rms@computerbytesman.com>
To: <declan@well.com>
Subject: Weird spam
Date: Sat, 18 May 2002 21:53:23 -0400


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From: "bradon curtis" <bradon@diplomats.com>
To: "FILE" <bradon@diplomats.com>
Date: Sat, 18 May 2002 11:04:36 -0500
Subject: A  CRY  FOR  HELP
X-Originating-Server: ws1-9.us4.outblaze.com

18th MAY 2002.

Dear Sir,

My name is Bradon Curtis, Special Forces Commando
currently on covert search and destroy missions in the mountainous
wastelands of Afghanistan impenetrable domicile of the dreaded Taleban
AlQeada terrorist network. Last week, my group (of 4agents)successfully
overran a hard drug processing enclave and recovered a booty cash sum of
US$36 million, which no doubt are proceeds from the
illegal trade used for funding terrorist activities. We have since
deposited this cash in a security luggage office in Kabul capital city.
We do not intend to surrender this cash booty to
our sector commandant for obvious reasons and we
cannot take out the consignment from Afghanistan
physically by ourselves as it is against military

I hereby solicit your assistance to enable me ship
this money to your safe custody pending the expiration of our current
regional anti-terrorist exercise. It may interest you to know that
modalities have been perfected to move this funds to you through a
security courier agency as soon as you respond in the
affirmative,indicating your interest and capability to handle this
We will thus send you the shipment waybill, so that you can help claim
this luggage on behalf of me and my colleagues. Needless to say the
trust reposed in you at this junction is enormous, we are willing
to offer you an agreeable percentage of this funds.

Finally, I believe that I have been very concise
sincere in my representation to you and I look forward to consummating
this transaction with you, but most importantly do acknowledge receipt
of this mail using my email for further clarification on the modus

I will furnish you a phone number to reach me when I receive your
positive response.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours Truly

Bradon  Curtis


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