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Groups assail RIAA's use of DMCA to unmask puported pirate


    Watchdogs rap RIAA's file-trade assault
    By Declan McCullagh
    August 30, 2002, 4:40 PM PT

    WASHINGTON--A federal law that the recording industry is using to
    unmask a suspected Kazaa music-trader is unconstitutional, a coalition
    of nonprofit groups said late Friday.

    A dozen consumer and privacy groups filed an amicus brief in federal
    court here arguing that the Recording Industry Association of
    America's (RIAA) request for information about a Verizon
    Communications subscriber should be denied. Verizon has opposed the
    request on procedural grounds.

    The 30-page brief says the RIAA is relying on a portion of the
    controversial Digital Millennium Copyright Act that violates
    Americans' right to be anonymous online. "Purported copyright owners
    should not have the right to violate protected, anonymous speech with
    what amounts to a single snap of the fingers," the brief said.


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