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Google reveals Bush administration's astroturf campaign?

[I don't think we have nearly enough facts here to make a reasoned 
conclusion. An explanation could be as simple as Republican direct mail 
efforts using this phrase, which the recipients echo in letters to the 
editor. It's a big country; there's bound to be some repetition. --Declan]


Date: Fri, 17 Jan 2003 11:14:07 -0800
From: Jules Agee <julesa@pcf.com>
To: declan@well.com
Subject: Bush propaganda machine in full swing
References: <>

I thought you might find this interesting; feel free to post it on the 
Politech list. It looks like the Bush Administration is astroturfing, 
trying to artificially create the appearance of a grassroots movement 
supporting their policies.

A Google search on the phrase "demonstrating genuine leadership" returns a 
number of nearly identical letters sent to the editors of various 
newspapers and publications this month, each one with the name of a 
different individual attached:


A number of other identical letters dated last October and November can be 
found by searching for "taking a courageous stand against Saddam":


Apparently the propaganda machine is in full swing.

Jules Agee
System Administrator
Pacific Coast Feather Co.
julesa@pcf.com      x284 

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