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SpamArrest replies to Politech, defends its right to spam

I thank SpamArrest for replying, but the problem with SpamArrest's argument 
is this: People who want to send mail to their customers must type in a 
keyword to verify that they're human and not a spambot. But nowhere on that 
page does SpamArrest admit that if you do it, you'll be getting spammed 
yourself. Even after you type in the word, there is no such notice, and I 
couldn't find a clear and unambiguous mention in the privacy policy. Here's 
an example of the sender-verification scheme:

What SpamArrest is doing is similar to Microsoft spamming everyone who ever 
sent mail to your hotmail.com account, or AOL spamming everyone who emailed 
an aol.com account, and so on. But it's even worse because SpamArrest -- as 
a purported anti-spam service whose website warns users of the 
"exponentially increasing problem of spam" -- should know better.

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From: "Daryn Nakhuda" <daryn@spamarrest.com>
To: <declan@well.com>
Subject: Re: Spam Arrest does appear to be resorting to... spamming
Date: Thu, 13 Feb 2003 10:36:16 -0800

Declan -

I'm not going to attempt to justify our marketing efforts with you; However
I do want to provide you with the following facts to debunk some of the
rumors I've seen.

1. Every person who got this email from us has either sent an email to one
of our customers, or been added to one of our customer's whitelist
explicitly.  There was no dictionary attack.

2. We complied with both our own privacy policy, as well as
industry-accepted rules for sending email; such as 1. a valid return
address, 2. a functioning opt-out link, and 3. a clear subject line
including the advertising prefix "ADV:", which people who have spam filters
can look for and filter.

3. Our privacy policy is at http://spamarrest.com/privacy.jsp . You can
click the link and read it without any fear (in regards to Bill
Ries-Knight's warning). We do not use any stealthy means of capturing your
email address; you have to type in it, or send an email to one of our

4. We are a legitimate spam prevention service. Our website is not a false
front for a spamming business. Our customers prefer our sender-based
verification model to other content-filtering methods, and find our service
very successful in stopping the junk from entering their inbox.

5. I know people fear the opt-out link, but I want to reassure you and your
readers that clicking on this link is 1. safe, and 2. the only sure way to
remove your address from receiving future spam arrest promotions.


Spam Arrest

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