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ACLU replies to Politech, says exposed email was not to members

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"Whoops! ACLU exposes email addresses -- just like Eli Lilly?"

What, no double opt-in? :)



From: Emily Whitfield <EWHITFIELD@aclu.org>
To: declan@well.com
Subject: aclu newsletter
Date: Mon, 24 Feb 2003 18:04:32 -0500


I wanted to respond to Jim Harper's note about the mistake that happened
with the ACLU e-newsletter mailing.

We are truly sorry that the recipients of our debut Safe and Free Newsletter
received a communication that revealed the emails of other recipients.  But
contrary to Jim Harper's note, the recipient list was not compiled from
lists of ACLU members or people who sought to affiliate themselves with the
ACLU. We created the database from scratch, and we got the emails by calling
around to these organizations and asking for them, as anyone could do.

To our knowledge, the recipients on this list -- which include social
justice, legal and civil right organizations, national and community leaders
and other public figures -- were sent this email based on their public
advocacy of the issues the newsletter addresses. As the newsletter notes,
those who do not want to receive the newsletter can unsubscribe.

While we are truly sorry about the mistake, we are proud of the newsletter
and the work it represents.  We hope that those who share our concerns about
the government's assault on our liberties will continue to subscribe to Safe
and Free News and will continue their own advocacy on these important

Emily Whitfield
Media Relations Director
American Civil Liberties Union
(212) 549-2566 (office)
(917) 686-4542 (cell)

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